Room for you. Room for her.
Room for we. Room for us.

Why Maison?

After my second child started becoming a little more independent, I found myself looking for somewhere to go a few hours a day that wasn’t my home or a local coffee shop. I needed a place to regain my balance and reconnect with the part of myself that isn’t a mother, wife, or caregiver. A place to write, work, read, or just meet up with a friend I haven’t seen in a while. I looked around my neighborhood and found either impersonal co-working spaces or old-guard members clubs. There wasn’t a place that addressed the specific needs and desires of myself and others like me, so I created one.

–Ashley Wu, Founder

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Designed for Flexibility

Maison is a 3400 sq ft multi-purpose space located on the second floor of a mixed-use building, a little bit above the everyday chaos of NYC. We have a kitchen stocked with healthful snacks and beverages, desk space to plug in and get to work, private booths to take a call or just meditate for a few minutes, and comfortable lounge areas to curl up with a book and a coffee. Created for the multi-faceted woman with an ever-evolving schedule, Maison can be used how it suits you on any given day.


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